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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Selling my stuff...starting to get real

Since my last post, I havent had many new developments. I will say that my family and friends are beginning to show pure excitement for me. At first, my friends and family were happy, yet extremely saddened by the fact Id be gone for so long. My mother and sister were really hesistant in accepting this new step, but now they are both just glowing over the big news!! My friends have been incredible in planning last minute trips and outings with me.....everything just makes me feel so very thankful for what I have here in the states.

This weekend, I am having a MASSIVE yard sale. I am attempting to sell everything I can in my house...minus a few things I want to leave at my mom's house. Our entrie front room is packed full of clothes, furniture, books, kitchen stuff, rugs, bags, etc etc....I mean, everything really. My housemate created an event on Facebook for the sale, and we have a shitton of people coming on Saturday!! Im excited to sell a lot of my stuff, because I really want to save up some cash prior to leaving. Im also sad about selling a lot of my stuff, bc it's all things Ive collected over so many years. Our house is the house people love to visit bc it is so unique....

That being said...there is just something liberating about selling everything and starting over...esp this way!!

On a total side note, I met up with a fellow PC applicant yesterday morning for coffee. This woman is incredible!! She's been nominated to work as an NGO deveolper, and she's hoping to get placed somewhere like Morocco. She's pretty fluent in French, and she's taking a class on Arabic. She had the most inpirational history to share, and it made me even more excited about my departure.