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Thursday, August 11, 2011

29 Days Till Staging

It's really such an odd range of emotions that go on after youve received your invitation. Some days, I am just so excited and anxious to leave. I try and imagine what my experience will be like and the people I will meet. Other days, Im filled with a new type of sadness. I try and imagine not being within driving distance to all the people who care about me here...not being around for the holidays....not being with my dog. Honestly, not having my dog is still just the most depressing things for me, but I know she will be SOOO happy with my mom and her dog, Percy.

On top of all the emotions, Ive had a range of people wanting to see me before my departure. I've had some recent ups and downs with a few people, but all in all I have enjoyed life as much as I can. I've been playing the hell out of some volleyball, in fear that no one will play with me in Macedonia!! Ive also been eating Mexican food about 5 times a week, just so I can get my fill of it for a while.

All that aside, the Tomato Art Fest is this weekend in Nashville, and yours truly has a tent. Actually getting a tent in the festival (which isnt easy!!) has been more of a blessing than I ever thought. Spending hours on end making art and jewelry for the fest has relieved so much of my stress and anxiety. It allows me time to process my thoughts better, while being excited about something other than leaving, which I think is important. So Im VERY excited for Saturday!!

In my last 29 days in the states, I have a lot to accomplish. Moving out of my beloved home is by far stressing me out the most, next to packing. I still have some exciting events on the way though, like my trip to NOLA and some possible day getaways. All in all.....feelin' good.