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Friday, January 27, 2012

Just an update

It's been about a week since I last updated. Things were getting to be so busy there at the end of my winter break!! Alas, it was time to go back into work this week.

My first week back at work was a good one. Monday, I went and worked with people at the school about the dance studio space. They have been working hard to get it all cleaned out since then. Hopefully, this coming week will finalize what needs to be done: install mirrors, bars, and a new floor. If the pace continues, we'll be starting dance classes the following week!! I was also able to meet up with CJ and Bill (new volunteer who just moved back to Kocani...long story) to discuss the animal facility. I think we covered a lot in regards to what we could successfully accomplish. We have a basic structure to follow, so we will be taking baby steps with this project. With the help from CJ and Bill, Im feeling optimistic.

Tuesday and Wednesday I spent teaching with Emilija. Those are her longest days where we have all first year students. Although those days are really long, I really enjoy myself in the classroom with Emilija. Her and I simply have way too much fun together. All in all, the weekend was a great way to break back into the swing of things. Hopefully, once we get the dance space rolling, I'll spend more time back in the classroom. I'll also have my photo club on Mondays and Thursdays, which Im really excited to meet the kids who want to join.

Wednesday night was a big handball match (google it) between Macedonia and Serbia. Rob and I met up with my French friend, Arnaud, one of his friends, and a new Macedonian friend of ours who is actually from Kocani, but lives in Skopje. We all went out to this nice little restaurant I hadn't been to before to watch the match. I had a lot of fun that night!! We snacked on kebabs and shopska salads while drinking some good 'ol Macedonian beer. It felt normal, which made me feel really good....often times, it's still hard to feel normal here. Afterwards, I went home and Rob stayed out to watch some soccer with the guys. I'd felt guilty with him being cooped up all week, so Im glad he was able to get out that night too!!

Let's see....other things that happened this week.....
OH, I finally got my light fixture in the kitchen fixed. We havent had light in there for a couple of weeks now, and I was able to finally get the landlord to send someone over. Lilika was over for an afternoon visit, and then she got suckered into running errands for the man. I felt so bad for her!! We also installed a hanging orange lantern. I bought it in orange, b/c the carpets are all orange, but now the lantern makes the whole room shine with an orange light, it's so funny!!
I also learned how to make the most amazing pizzas EVER. I found some pre-made pizza crust, that looked iffy, but I decided to give them a try. I put on some tomato sauce, sliced up some salami and peppers, shredded some cheese, and sprinkled some oregano on top. The toaster oven did a surprisingly good job of cooking it perfectly. We loved the pizzas so much, we made them twice more by the end of the week. NEW COMFORT FOOD FOR ME!!

All in all, the week was a good one. We've had snow non-stop for a couple days....I've never lived with so much snow and ice. We've also just hibernated with watching movies on my computer, b/c there's really nothing else to do when it's so cold outside. Highs are in the 20s, and lows are around 10. This weekend, I've got my Mary coming in town to visit from Kumanavo!! Im so excited to see her!! We havent really since each other since our swearing in ceremony in November. It should be a great weekend.

Till next time!!

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