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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

And then there were TWO.

I've recently dealt with some stress in my city that is unfortunate, but has also had its positives. Instead of telling you all about the negative side of everything, I'd like to tell you the two good things that have come out of it.

I have two new friends. Let me rephrase that.....two REAL friends here. One is a man, and another is a woman. The man is someone I've increasingly spent time with, and our friendship is something that reminds me of my male friends at home. He tries to understand me and my frustrations, and he also provides the Macedonian perspective of things. We can joke around, and I can tell that he respects me and cares when I'm unhappy. Finding a male friend here is not the same as it is in America, so my friendship with him is really valuable to me.

The girl is someone PC helped me find. She is from Kocani, but lives and works in Skopje. She used to be a language teacher for PC, but now has a job as a translator. Thankfully for me, she was in Kocani this week, and we managed to spend two evenings together. We clicked instantly!! We spent hours talking. It was the most normal time I've ever had here with someone. I trusted her instantly, and was able to get a new perspective on my recent issues here. Within hours, we were sharing our thoughts on pets, family, friends (old and new), and even ex-boyfriends. Having felt that type of instant connection with a woman MY AGE and with so much in common made me feel so much better. It was the positive push and influence I needed.

I really dont see the point in airing out all my unfortunate bullshit that's been going on lately. If you're close with me, you're aware of the issues anyways. I'm still in the process of working things out, but having friends show me so much support lately has been enough to keep my head above the water and smiling. Even on Sunday, I threw a "Sunday brunch" with fellow PC volunteers. I used to throw brunch or dinner every Sunday with friends in America, and I miss the tradition! It turned into a day of eating and talking, and their company made me appreciate them and their individual situations so much more. Sometimes, volunteers can get so wrapped up in their communities that they forget to make attempts at creating some kind of tradition that keeps everyone connected. Thank goodness for the people who shared and showed support this week. I owe my sanity to them. : )

This Saturday, Chad comes into town!! IM SO EXCITED!!!! We will set off on our epic journey next week, hitting up Greek Islands and northern Italy. Having a best friend from home here will be such a blessing, and I can't wait to travel. Don't worry, videos will come!!

Go to foreign countries and you will get to know the good things one possesses at home.

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