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Monday, July 16, 2012

Camp is DONE!

I'm back from camp. It was a long and exhausting 10 days. I taught multiple classes, and I spent the rest of my time filming everything and making little videos. I am really thankful for getting to know some of the CITs (counselors in training), as well as getting to know some other PCVs a bit better. Even though camp was a bit much, I still managed to find humor in everything. : ) I must say though, my Zumba class was a HIT!! The girls LOVED it!! I had to teach the class 4 times in a row, so it turned into 4 hours of me dancing, which exhausting the daylights out of me. That night, I even had the girls dragging me down the hallway in a blankt, bc I was too sore and tired to walk! hahahaha Some of the videos are already available on my YouTube page, if you are interested in viewing them. I should be making one or two more today or tomorrow, so you can view those as well.

Ever since I got back, I've tried to relax a bit. I did a light lunch with Bill and Paul yesterday, and spent the evening with local friends, which made me feel normal again. I'm still teaching dance classes, so that is occupying my time in Kocani as well right now. I'm hoping to have my apartment cleaned up and my life back to some kind of routine within the next day or two, because I feel completely unorganized right now!

There really isn't that much to do here when it is so damn hot. It's been over 100 degrees here....the other day, it was 115 degrees in Skopje! Without airconditioning or a fan, the heat inside can be double what it is outside. Thankfully, I have means to cool off inside, but not all volunteers do. But yea....most people in my city are hibernating from the heat right now. When I walked into the center yesterday, I hardly passed a walking soul! I'm hoping I can be creative with my time and some friends in ways to beat the heat, like swimming up in the lake outside of the city. Other than that, I'll be spending the majority of my time inside working on the last things for dance camp!

That's all I have for now. I'm still tired. : )

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