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Wednesday, November 2, 2011


So, I dont have very much time to write an update, but I finally got access to some internet, so I figured I'd fill ya'll in on my new soon-to-be-home!!

Kocani is FANTASTIC!! I love it here already!! I spent my first day running around the school I will be working at with my counterpart. My counterpart, Emilija, is AMAZING!! We made an instant connection, and I seriously adore her already. She is a fantastic teacher, which I got to observe while sitting in on her classes. Her students were wonderful as well. Most of them can speak and understand a great deal of English, which is going to make things go smoothly!! The school itself holds about 900 students, and a lot of the teachers are young and nice. i havent gotten too much time to speak with many of them, but the ones I've met seem great. Oh!! and the Director is wonderful!! He speaks fantastic English and is so excited to have me there. Not only will I be helping Emilija out in her English classes, but her and I will be setting up a school newspaper and radio station, along with a photography club!! I KNOW!! IT'S AWESOME!!

So after running around school all morning, I met up with Laura, the current PCV living in Kocani. She is leaving the day before I move in, because her 2 years are up. Having her has been a blessing!! She will be handing off some things for the house to me, which is fantastic. She's also going to take me around today to tell me about all the places she likes to eat, shop, and drink. Kocani, although is a "big city," doesnt really look too big when you're in the middle of it. There's a small creek/stream that runs through the center of the city, and everything follows it. My future apt, which I got to see yesterday, is smack dab in the center!!

First off, you have to go up 6 flights of stairs to my apt. I will have some killer legs when I get back, haha!! My apt is basically just a kitchen, bathroom, and living room. Currently, there is no real bed in it, but we are going to fix that tomorrow. It's pretty tiny....just like a studio apt or something, but it is nice! What i really like is the amount of ORANGE that is everywhere!! The carpets and chairs add to the orange, and the entire apt. has a sort of retro feel to it. I also have a washing machine, so i wont have to wash my clothes by hand. YAY!! One thing that does bum me out is the lack of a real stove or oven. I have a type of toaster oven, but that's it...and I have some hotplates, instead of a stove. I will totally make due, so dont you worry!! : )

I've spent the whole morning at school, and now I am resting for about an hour. I'll be doing a late lunch with Laura and her husband before they take me around to show me the rest of the city. Later tonight, Laura is introducing me to a close local friend of hers, who is actually an artist!! I am SO excited about meeting her, because as you all know, art is very important to me. Hopefully, I can find out where to buy paints and canvases here!!

Tomorrow, I will travel back to Lozovo. This next week will continue to be crazy!! I'm out of town on Saturday and Tuesday. My family is throwing that epic party Tuesday night. My sister comes in town on WEDNESDAY (yayy!!!!!!!), and we will all travel up to Skopje that next weekend for my birthday. Basically, every day for the next 3 weeks is totally booked with seminars, language classes, workshops, and conferences. On November 24th, I will swear in as an official volunteers, and on Nov 25, I will move into my new home of Kocani. I cant express how lucky I feel to have been given Kocani as my permanent placement. If any of you could see this place, you would say "oh, that looks like Morgan!"

As always, thanks for everyone's love and support. Miss ya'll!!

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