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Friday, November 4, 2011

My new home!!

My kitchen!! Notice there is no oven or stove. I have two hot plates and a toaster oven though.

The view from my apartment!! BEAUTIFUL!! I am on the 6th floor....the highest up you can go.

Another view of Kocani.

My den/bedroom. That couch will be moved into the kitchen and hopefully a bed will be there when I move in on the 25th. There is also a small balcony attached in the front and back.

The bathroom. It is typical, although Im lucky that I have a washing machine!! Ill be hanging my clothes to dry.

That's that!! I loved every minute of Kocani, and I am SO EXCITED for the 25th!! I wont be around much until next week, but Im sending all of you my love!!


1 comment:

  1. I LOVE IT!!!!!!

    the kitchen & living room are so flippin' cute!! love the light fixtures & the table & chairs... and lol at all that fur. you have to hang pictures of the animals who gave their lives for your furnishings ;)

    wtf is up with that pepsi bottle on the table? it looks anorexic hahahaha

    your bathroom is kind of scary though hhaha. i think you can make it unscary! lucky that you got a washing machine... i wish i had one haha.

    love the views! the city is so pretty :) and since you're so high up, you can technically leave the curtains open so you can enjoy the sunshine, but not have to worry about people lurking in your windows & being all creepy.

    i love it :) aahhhhh can't wait to see it in person!!