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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Round Here


This week has really flown by. I have been sick and busy all at once. I came down with a nasty cold, and I thought I even had strep, but I have become better after eating lots of soup and drinking lots of tea. One thing I have NOT gotten is rest. Lele...

Well, I got SPA grant application got approved (YAY!!!!!), but there were some needed amendments that were suggested in order for the grant to be final. I was given 2 weeks to make these adjustments, re-write the grant, and get some new forms signed. I began working on this immediately, however, after trying to open the files on a computer at school, ALL of my files became CORRUPT. ughhhh, so I spent hours re-writing everything. It was so exhausting. Currently, I'm not officially done with the revision of the grant, but I think I'm close. I hope to have it all final by Monday.

Emilija allowed me to take a break from English classes during the first half of the week, but I still found myself running around and staying busy with the grant. I also opened the dance studio so my dancers could still practice, even though I was not well enough to join them. Yesterday, my Director came to me with some excellent news: He found a new apartment for me.

HELL YEA!! New home?! I was so excited, so we agreed to check the place out together last night. The place is fantastic. It's perfect for me. It is the top floor of a beautiful house. I met the woman who lives downstairs, and she is an adorable little lady. She is the perfect person you would want as a landlord....the kind you can join for dinner or ask to borrow sugar from...we got along great. She showed me the upstairs, and immediately I was in love. THERE WAS ROOM. It has three rooms total, complete with two little balconies. There is wireless internet and TV. The kitchen is about the same as what I have now...still have the toaster over and hot plates. The bathroom, however, is a total upgrade!! It's got nice tiles and a washing machine. : ) The house itself is located the same walking distance away from school. It is located right across from the bus station, which is also right beside the two big grocery stores and a little veggie vendor area. It is a nice and quiet neighborhood. I love it.

I should find out tomorrow if Im officially approved for the apartment. Right now, it seems like it is going to work out. The landlady even said I could move in as early as April 18th!! Oh more walking up 89 steps every day. No more one room with no closets. No more MEAN landlord who never fixes a damn thing. No more of any of that.....I really want this new place.

In other news, I'm battling insomnia....quite literally. I cannot sleep. I dont know why. Even sleeping pills arent helping me. I hope it goes away, b/c starting this weekend, I will be GONE. I'll be out of town all weekend.....out of town all next week. Out of town for half the weekend....back in town for the following week, but then out of town AGAIN the next weekend (going to Greece!!!!!!), and then by the time I am back, I will have 2 days to pack and move!! Two weeks later, my momma will be coming to visit!! :D I still wish my sister could come...I really miss her, but she simply cant afford it. Ill be really sad when Im showing off my momma, but my sister isnt with me too. I hope she will find the money and time to make it later in the summer.

Ok...that's all for now. Wish me luck on the grant...and on the new apartment...and on all my traveling coming up. I may not update again for a while, but Im still reading all my emails from you all.


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