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Sunday, December 18, 2011


New video:

December video

This weekend was a lot of fun...much like every weekend so far. In summary:

-Friday was Mexican night. I made the most amazing and heavenly Mexican food ever and we ate ALL of it. It was the best meal I've had in a long time!!
-Saturday, I went to Stip for the Model UN thing. It was good!! Martin, one of my students, tried out for a chair position and did an awesome job!! We will find out in a week if he got accepted. In the meantime, my Model UN group will continue to work hard so we can kick butt in May.
-Saturday, I also enjoyed a nice afternoon in the city with Paul and Phil before heading back to Kocani to meet up with Sara. God bless the delicious pizzerias here!!
-Saturday night was an epic failure, but in a good/funny way. Paul, Sara, and myself all tried to make homemade hummus, and it was a big fail (see video). Just cooking in the kitchen was a good laugh though....we had a lot of fun and learned some cooking lessons. haha Later, we met up with a teacher friend of mine for a couple drinks in the center. I was so excited to go out with her, because we seem to have a lot in common, and I've been anxious to make more local friends. It was a good rest of the night!! Hopefully, her and I will see more of each other now.
-Sunday morning was a proper breakfast with Paul and Sara. Potatoes and eggs!!
-Sunday day was spent setting up for the big basketball event.
-Sunday evening was the event itself (see video), which was awesome!!

I was really pleased with how the basketball event turned out. The director seemed really happy as well. I'm absolutely exhausted from the weekend, but I seriously had a good time!! I'm always so glad to have fellow volunteers come into share the weekends with me. I love having them, and I love just being able to lounge around in some pajamas and cook just feels normal, and I love them for that.

This weekend was another example of why I feel so proud to live in Kocani. Even my friends love coming here to visit. It means so much when they care about what I do for work, and then they make time to come and support it in person!! My students, colleagues, and friends all make this city what it is.....even being there tonight with everyone made me feel like such a big part of the community, and that was a very rewarding feeling to have after only being here for a month.

That being said...I'm off to bed. This week is another busy one, and then Christmas begins on Friday for me!! Thanks again to everyone for sending me emails. OH, and a major CONGRATS to my cousin, Chelsea, for graduating from her nursing school this week. I'm still extremely proud the accomplishments going on at home. : )

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