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Sunday, December 4, 2011

One week down

This weekend was by far entertaining.

Friday, I decided I absolutely had to get out of the apartment. I was still feeling really down over Thursday's bad news. I decided to invite a couple of the closer volunteers into the city for dinner and drinks. CJ and Elena made their way into town, where we ended up indulging in chicken fingers, salads, pizza, and some beers. The night was just what I needed to start feeling better. I began to feel simply felt nice to be out having a drink with some friends on a Friday....and I needed that. In the meantime, I was texting Sara and Anna, two of the volunteers I lived in Lozovo with. I told them about my loss back home, and they agreed to come to my rescue first thing in the morning!!

Saturday morning was kind of slow...I got up SUPER early and ended up cleaning up a bit before the girls got into town. Saturday turned out to be just perfect. I showed them around Kochani for a bit. We went into a lot of the little stores I pass by so often, and now I know where to go buy clothes and accessories!! We grabbed lunch in the center, and then we decided we were going to have an epic slumber party. Naturally, we needed some essentials, like snacks and drinks, so after a mini shopping spree in the grocery store, we headed back to the apartment. We seriously went all out. We lounged around in our comfy clothes eating endless amounts of food and playing the most ridiculous games, all while catching up on how our first weeks were. I absolutely LOVED Saturday!! By the end of the night, we were all laying on my bed with my mini Xmas tree flashing its lights in the background and it felt like I had a home.

Sunday morning was a long one. We decided to finally try and figure out my washing machine. To our surprise, my entire bathroom got flooded. It's a long anyways, here we are, literally scooping buckets of water in the sinks, when I decide I want to make more coffee. Suddenly, my french press slips on some water on the table and slams onto the floor busting into pieces and scattering all the coffee and grinds all over the carpet!! And we have ALL of this on camera!! In the meantime, I had to figure out where and how to hang my laundry, on top of a few other mishaps around the apartment. It was honestly one of those days where EVERYTHING either breaks, goes missing, or simply goes wrong. Sadly, I had to say goodbye to my ladies as it got later. I was so sad to have them leave, but I cannot express how thankful I was to have such good friends who were ready to come see me at the drop of a hat. I suddenly felt like I had a real home....I guess I just needed help breaking it in. : )

This week should be fun!! Im running a big basketball event with my school where the students, teachers, and parents all play against each other. The event isnt until Dec 18th, but we are getting together all the media for the event, starting tomorrow. I've also still got the Model UN stuff I am working on, and we have a holiday on Thursday, which means no school. I plan on settling in a bit more this week...just taking my time with things and spending more time trying to make some local friends. And perhaps I'll try to find a new french press in the meantime.

Oh, and guess who has a friend coming into town for New Years?! THIS GIRL!! : )

Oh, and here's a photo of me and the ambassador

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