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Thursday, December 22, 2011

We are having a white Christmas!!

It's almost Christmas!!!!!!

I just got home from my last day of school for the week, because early tomo morning I'll be hoping on a bus to Kamenica for the holiday!! Right now, we've got around 12 people going this weekend, which should be REALLY interesting figuring out where everyone is going to sleep. Im going to try and not worry about it, because the snow outside may prevent some people from even making it....although, I really hope that isnt the case. Oh, speaking of snow:

This is what I saw on my walk into school this morning!! It is supposed to keep on snowing throughout the weekend. As of right now, getting to and from Kamenica shouldn't be a problem. I only live about 30-45 minutes away, so hopefully the sun will help melt some of the snow by Monday morning. The temperature keeps dropping!! I woke up this morning, and I was SO COLD. It may be about time to get a second blanket. My Director told me today that it can get as cold as -30 here in the winter......WOW!!

On a side note, I went by a new butcher shop on my way home today. The Director had suggested this place to me, as it apparently has the best fresh meat in town. I love discovering places that will become my regular shopping place, so I was eager to go there straight from work. It's my job to pick up all the meat for this weekend, so what better time to do it?? I get to the butcher's shop, which is a tiny little shop right behind my building. I man and his son run the place, and they were both there as I walked in. Upon entering, I realized they had no ground meat readily available. I got a little nervous, because I realized I was going to have to explain myself in Macedonian, and my butcher shop vocabulary isn't the best. That being said, the men were SO HELPFUL and nice!! They told me they could make some, and then they asked how much I needed. The next thing I know, they are literally cutting the meat right off the hanging carcasses. They put it through the grinding machine and mixed it all up until it was the freshest looking ground meat I'd ever seen. They made me a mixture of ground pork and beef. I watched the entire process!! They talked to me about my Macedonian and told me I'd have to come back again (which I will!!) Before I knew it, I was walking out with 4 kilos of meat and the two men were wishing me well. It's experiences like that which make me feel so accomplished. 

On another side note, I have to tell everyone that I got a new water boiler this week. I was super excited the day it got installed, and I decided to allow it to heat for an entire day before testing the waters...pun intended. : ) I woke up the following morning and got ready for what I was hoping to be an epic shower. After shaving HALF of one leg, the water began to get cold.....I couldnt believe it!! I was so disappointed. I told the people at school, and everyone was shocked. I havent had the courage to contact PC or my landlord to tell them the problem is still present....That being said, I AM taking care it up. More on that another day.

Well that's all for now. Tonight, I'll be packing for my weekend getaway. I need everyone to know that I will not have internet again until Monday. So if you happen to email me, dont expect a response until then. Im going to try and find an internet cafe in Kamenica on Xmas, just so I can Skype my family....I feel bad my momma is 1 daughter short this year. We actually spent some time talking about it, but we're both very thankful that we can communicate in general. What would we do without the internet?!?!?! 

I hope you all have a lovely Xmas. Im thinking and missing all of you, but please trust I'll be having a fantastic and unforgettable Xmas with my second family in Macedonia. : )

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  1. giiirl you need to get you a heated blanket! or maybe not - when mine is on, i don't leave the bed (or couch. sometimes i drag it to the couch). alpaca is nice too, if it's cheap in your area. alpaca is SO warm haha.

    i feel you on the water heater. mine only lasts about 7-8 minutes - which i guess is like an eternity compared to your 1 minute, but it still sux. i have just enough time to wash my hair & body before it gets cold. i have to shave over the sink! meh!