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Wednesday, October 12, 2011


It is SO COLD!!!!

I am not feeling this weather. For a few days now, it has been painfully cold. The thing about living in Lozovo is that we are in an open plain, so we get A LOT of wind. So not only is it cold, but it is super windy!! Right now, living in my home reminds me of living in my first apartment in NOLA when we had no heat. The only difference is that now, I don’t have a heater to get dressed in front of when that action is needed. My bedroom is by far the worst room in the house. There is actually a breeze from the window right above my bed, so it’s no good for me at all. I’m afraid I may be catching a cold again from it. My family has one tiny heater that really only heats whatever is directly in front of it, so when I come home I will honestly sit in front of it until it is time for bed. Peace Corps is supposed to be giving us heaters for our rooms, but rumor has it we wont be getting them for another week, if not longer…which I hope to be just a rumor. Showering is now something you only do if you MUST, because the shower is handheld…meaning, you never have consistent water flowing onto you…not to mention the extreme temp of the bathroom. The other night, I actually washed my hair upside down in the bathtub, so I didn’t have to take off my coat.

Oh. And let’s not forget our classroom…It is no better. Today and yesterday were hilarious and miserable. Funny, because of the amount of layers everyone had on…including gloves. Miserable, because my feet have been numb for 3 days now in there. Let’s just hope we all get our heaters much sooner than later. Now sure how long I can handle this.

Today (Monday) was a big day of celebration in Macedonia. Kids didn’t have to go to school, and my family had a lot of company over all day. I even got to visit with Kenzie’s family for a bit, so hat was a good change. I spent the rest of the evening reading and teaching my host father English words. Since they always yell at me to eat, go, listen, etc. I taught him those words in English. The word for mean/bad is pronounced “losh” here, so I taught him “mean.” He went around all night saying “Milevka (host mom)is mean.” Hahaha They also call me a baby for going to bed at 10, so I taught him how to say sleep. Tonight, he joked around by saying “It’s almost 10. Go sleep” We all had a good laugh about it!! My communication skills are really improving. It makes me remember how lost and frustrated I was just a few weeks ago. I still cant believe the amount I have learned!!

I’d love to write more, but my fingers are about to have frostbite. Typing in my bed at night just isn’t working right now. Btw, if anyone wants to send me warm clothes, socks, hoodies, long johns—just ask my mom for the mailing addy. It’s super cheap through USPS!! J

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  1. ahhh damn, i hate the cold!! i feel your pain, having lived in apartments with no heat (and the heater only heating what is in front of it). at least you have that amazing sleeping bag! but it is hard to crawl out of a warm bed - i stayed in bed all day (except when i went to work) during the winter in my old place :(

    do y'all have a microwave there? you can fill a little fabric bag with dry rice (like, real rice, not the instant kind) and heat it in the microwave for a minute or two, it'll stay hot for a couple of hours. it is really great for your feet or hands when you're trying to sleep, or walking in the cold (keep them in your pockets!). i wish i could send you a heated blanket :( is your mom gonna be sending you a package anytime soon? i can make you little rice bags or knit you a cozy scarf!!