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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Just a few things

I want to share with you some of the things I really love about Lozovo:

1.     The goats. There is one large open field in the middle of the village that has about 10 goats at a time just grazing during the day. They are all tied up and belong to people. While walking to school in the morning, I often see the old men who own the goats walking them into the field. Not to mention, the goats are just cute as hell. I often “ba-a-a-a-a” at them, and the little kids who are usually playing in the streets laugh.
2.     Grapes. So many grapes. As mentioned before, my walkway to and from my front door is covered in grapes. There are I think 4 different types of grapes draping from overhead. There is one particular type that is my absolute favorite. I’ve never had anything like it in America. The best way to describe them is a flower. They taste like a sweet flower. They are the most amazing grapes.
3.     Morning rituals. I wake up at 7am every morning. I get ready in about 20 minutes and then make my way into the kitchen. My host mother always leaves out tea made fresh from herbs from the garden. There is always fresh bread with cheese and ajvar (look it up), and fruit laid out to be taken with me. While exiting with my backpack in hand, my host father always greets me by cutting down a fresh bunch of grapes. We exchange jokes before I leave, and I love this part of my day.
4.     The walk to school. My walk to school is about a 10 minute walk. It’s really an easy walk, and I travel on a paved road, so it’s legit. J Anywho, I love that I walk….every day….with a bunch of grapes in hand. You just have no idea. I say good morning to every single person I see, and 99% say it back and ask how I am. I answer and return the question, feeling so much a part of the community already. After passing the goats, I usually pass this one mean stray dog and then make my way up to the school.
5.     Lunch. Well, my mother works at the school, so she is always there and always presenting me (every day) with a chocolate croissant. Don’t get me wrong, I love them, but I’m not used to eating so many sweets. Anywho, after school, I go home and eat lunch around 4pm. Lunch is the biggest meal here, and it is always my favorite. The other day, my mother FRIED CHICKEN. And it was EXCELLENT!! So I was sure to tell her I really like it, and sure enough, we had it again!! I’ve also learned some excellent ways to cook veggies through my fantastic lunches.
6.     Having just enough internet access to Skype my real mom. I get to “facetime” my REAL momma about once a day, Mon-Fri, even if it’s only for 5 minutes. We may not have a bank, an ATM, a pharmacy, a market, or anything like it, but we do have internet at the school just enough for me to call my momma, and I love that.

Obviously, there is much much more I love about this village, but these are only just a few. By the way, thanks to those who are writing me!! I cant tell you how much I appreciate and enjoy reading emails. Truly…thank you so much!!


  1. ok i just googled ajvar & it sounds delicious! i hope you are saving recipes to share with your pals back here in america :) i am so jealous that you live in such close proximity to so many grapes... i'd be pulling off grapes every time i passed through the walkway. your walk into school sounds lovely, sounds like my bike ride into work :) pretty weather, slow pace, greeting everyone & just feeling good about the day.

  2. I love it when you comment on my posts : ) thanks for reading, life partner