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Thursday, October 13, 2011


I just want everyone to know I got a heater yesterday. : ) Thank you for everyones concerns!! haha

Milevka bought me one, and now I am toasty in bed, woo woo!! She also bought me some fancy salami and olives, AND I found cinnamon toast crunch AGAIN, so guess what I had for dinner and breakfast?? <3

Also, two new videos should be up today, but Im having trouble uploading one....and I wont have internet till lord knows when, because I wont even be in Lozovo next week...I'll actually be working in a high school in Veles (look it up!!), so Im pretty excited. But yea...check my youtube channel to see if the videos are up, otherwise I'll get them up some other time. Here is one:

Miss and love everyone!!


  1. oh good, this makes me happy! sounds like you are having a good day today :)

  2. With Morgan, every day is a good day...just some better than others. It makes me happy to know Morgan has friends who care :)