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Monday, September 5, 2011

4 Days Left

I officially have four days left until staging. Things are getting so intense around here!!

I've moved out of my old house. I sold everything I could, and I donated most of the rest. I have compressed my 3 bedroom house down to one single room. I'll be kicking it at my momma's house for the remainder of the time I'm in Nashville.

I went to New Orleans last weekend to say my final goodbyes to all my good buddies there. It was sad, but we all pretended it was just another visit and that I'd be seeing them again soon. Since my return back home, I've been saying my goodbyes to friends and family. What sucks about it all is that I have to keep saying goodbye to the same people. Everyone wants just one more time to meet up real quick, and some people don't see that my final days here should really be just with my mom and sister. It's just really difficult for me to say goodbye to them....I feel like it will take me days to do so.....I haven't found an effective way to handle my last four days here.

So last night I made a list!! I wrote down most of what I need to do before I leave. I am going to begin tackling that list today. What I really need to focus on is packing. The group's FB page has been really helpful with packing advice, but I really don't want to stress over it too much. I know I'll be able to buy nearly anything I need when I'm there, so I want to avoid going overboard on the packing.

The next time you hear from me, I suppose I will have begun my journey. Remember....if you ever hear me being homesick, just tell me to suck it up. : )

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  1. 4 days left? Perhaps that is a better way to count, in terms of anticipatory anxiety.
    My first thought this morning was that I only have 3 days and a wake-up until Staging.
    Either way, we'll meet this Friday and get going with the MAK 16 group.
    Good luck with your last minute second-guessing about what you are packing.
    See you soon!