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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Last night in Komonavo

In case you haven't seen it yet, here is the 3rd video, AKA the "food edition."

Well, tonight is my last night in Komonavo. Tomorrow, I will wake up early, eat my very basic breakfast, consisting of cereal, bread, and tea/coffee. Then, around 9:45am, I will find out where I will be living with my host family for the next 3 months. I AM SO NERVOUS!!!!!!! So, like I was sayin', I'll be living with my host family for 3 months. I'll be in a community where between 8-10 other volunteers will also be stationed. For the 3 months we are there, I will be going to training classes Mon-Fri and on some Saturdays. By about week 7, I will find out where my permanent placement will be for the remaining 2 years of my service....another thing I cannot help but anticipate!!

The EXCELLENT news is that I can have visitors beginning the end of November!! HELL YEA!! So if anyone wants to come spend Xmas or New Years with me, COME ON OVER!! I am sure I will be able to squeeze into a fellow volunteer's holiday shindigs if necessary, or simple create some of my own, but I am really wanting someone to come visit for Xmas!!

Oh, and last night was the playoffs for the semi finals for basketball. It was Macedonia vs. Lithuania...holy crap, such a good game, and I dont even really enjoy watching sports. Anywho, the game was so close, and Macedonia ended up winning the game!! The whole city went INSANE. It was what I imagine being in New Orleans after the Saints won the superbowl....really. I have over 55 videos....I need to get my act together with editing those down, but I have a feeling it may be about a week or so before a new video is up.....with the moving and all, ya know??

So yea, I am rally nervous about tomorrow. I can really only speak small-talk in Macedonian. I really hope someone in my family speaks at least a little American so that it isnt too terrible with communicating. Im just so afraid Ill get there and we wont be able to get to know each other at all. FINGERS CROSSED FOR ME, EVERYONE!!

I cant wait to update everyone on how things go. Feel free to send me updates and leave me comments. Hearing from you all is such a blessing over here....I cannot thank you enough. I miss you all terribly!!


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  1. UGHHHH i wish i could make it for christmas but there is absolutely no way i'll have that kind of money by then, since most of the money i'm counting on (if i get it at all!) should be coming late december - january :(

    grossss. i wanna spend christmas with you! i hope someone else can make it over there so you won't be alone!

    congrats on your placement in lozovo! i looked it up on the map but of course that didn't make any sense hahahaha. can't wait to hear more about your host family :)

    misss youuuuuuuuuu