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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Not much of an update

Здраво!! Sorry I’m not updating every day. I know I can’t realistically update all the time, but I do feel like at the beginning of this epic journey there is just so much to tell everyone!! That being said, some days are MUCH busier than others, and some days I simply do not have access to any internet. I try to write as much “journaling” as possible at home, but again, it all depends on time.

Not much to update ya’ll on. School is getting increasingly difficult. I will learn something one day, and it typically takes a day or two to really catch on. The lesson on definite articles was the toughest, yet two days later it makes much more sense. All of the volunteers are getting increasingly better in their communication skills. We can even go visit each other’s houses and have small talk with the parents. It makes me feel like I’m somewhat fitting in…I will say that I have officially begun dreaming in “Македонски,” so I guess Im also studying in my sleep now. : )

Everything here is getting a lot more comfortable. I cant have guests over to just hang out, and my parents seem to love the entertainment and appreciate our privacy if we sit and edit movies in my room (with the door open, of course). My parents also approve of me going over to visit friends and other families. So far this week, I’ve had Andres and Claire over for music swapping night. My family made POPCORN on this awesome outdoor wood-burning stove. IT WAS FANTASTIC!! I also made a night over at Kenzie’s house. His host parents are simply the best there are…I really love the wife. They made a lot of snack food for us and more крепн. I also visited Andres’ house for a movie, and his mother (who is the funniest) made us “леб пизн,” which are just slices of bread with ketchup, cheese, fresh herbs, and tomatoes. They were SO GOOD. She also heard us talking about the popcorn and made us some of her own. I’m telling ya…people won’t stop feeding us!!

In THE BEST NEWS EVER, my sister has decided to come visit me for my birthday!! I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!! By the time my birthday arrives (Nov. 14), I will be able to travel overnight. So I am thinking Jessica will come and spend one night in Лозово (Lozovo), and then we will travel up to Скопие (Skopje) for Fri and Sat night. Sunday would be back in Лозово (Lozovo) with the host family, and then she may take off for some extra traveling of her own around Europe. I asked my host mother today about her visit, and as she was agreeing, my host father got SUPER excited. He couldn’t believe she’d be coming to visit, so they are now talking about the epic party they are going to throw. I simply cant wait.

This Friday, we all travel back up to комоново (Komonovo)for what the PC calls “hub day.” Basically, we will spend the entire day in seminars. I am excited to see all the other volunteers…we haven’t seen each other for 2 weeks, so we will have so much catching up to do. We are all hoping our buses will be willing to leave later too, so we can all enjoy a nice dinner our together and maybe get some shopping done. Ya know, I cant buy mascara or anything in Лозово…we don’t even have an ATM, so things like that will hopefully get taken car of on Friday. J This weekend, we may or may not take a day trip out to Велез (Velez), which is a city nearby.  I’m really hoping to buy some paint and brushes there. Everyone here now knows I paint and stuff, so I’d really like to paint something for the families I am getting close to….even something small. I’m also looking forward to taking some legit photos of the people and places here. I’ve been trying to integrate in the community before busting out my fancy camera…it just makes you stand out a lot if you don’t know everyone, ya know?? The dynamics here are jus the polar opposite of what I am used to…even the dogs. These poor pups. Turtle has no idea how good she has it. I’m honestly afraid of all the dogs here (minus Benny). I cant even walk to school without being stared down by a dog who honestly only has the intention on attacking me if I make eyes contact. I’m really not exaggerating either. PC told us that our biggest threats were earthquakes and dog attacks. Poor pups…I wanna save them all and bring them to America!!

Ok, I am off on a rant again. I’m going to lie in bed and read on my Kindle, which again is such a godsend here. I need to find a good website to download books for free. Till next time!! Добар ден!!

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