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Monday, September 12, 2011

I've made it!!

Well, ya'll...I've officially made it to Macedonia. Check it out:

After being awake for 29 hours and traveling my butt off, I was finally able to eat some good food and relax at the hotel we are staying at for this week. The food here has been awesome so far. They've fed us lots of cheese, fresh veggies, some chicken, soup, rice, coffee, etc. My room isn't too bad either. Although it is a bit small, the beds are surprisingly comfy, and we ever have an air conditioner!! The shower and toilets are a bit weird....we cant put the toilet paper in the toilets....still havent gotten used to that one.

I'm still totally loving the fellow volunteers. Ive really connected with some of the girls, and the boys are all fantastically entertaining!! Im really sad that we will all be split into 4 groups at the end of the week. So I'll only be training with between 8-10 volunteers in the community I'll be living in for the first 3 weeks. From there, it's all on my own. Already sad to think of leaving the people who I now already feel extremely close to.

Im going into town tonight with a large group to get our telephone numbers set up and to buy some essentials we are all lacking. Im looking forward to getting in and seeing more of the area. Today has been all training sessions, so we havent had much time outside of the one room we work in.

All in all, I am happy!! Im so excited to be here. I already miss my friends and family, but Im feeling pretty good about everything.

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