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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Day 3 in MAK-E-DON-IA

Hey ya'll!! Got another awesome video up, if I do say so myself:

I am totally enjoying myself. Really. Let me just say one more time how much I enjoy the fellow volunteers. I am truly going to miss everyone when we all have to split up on Friday. We are all expressing how sad that day is going to be, but heads up for now!! We still have 2.5 days together.... : (

So tomorrow, we have the US Ambassador coming, so we all have to look extra sharp. Our language classes have been so interesting too!! I've learned the alphabet, but it was really difficult. For instance, their H sounds like a "nah," and their X sounds like a "huh." There are also a bunch of new symbols that are totally new. All in all, learning it has been so enlightening. I'm really enjoying it!!

Today, we began learning phrases. I now know how to say "Hello, my name is Morgan. And you? I am from America." etc etc etc....small talk stuff. I also finally know how to say "thank you" and even one curse word!! Not that I plan on using it, but it is really helpful to know when people are cursing at you. haha

We also got a rundown of some safety and security issues here. Apparently, our biggest threats, aside from simple theft, are earthquakes and being attacked by local dogs. There are no serious exotic illnesses here, but our bodies will be acting a bit funny for the first month or two while we adjust to the food and water and such.

Another thing that was really interesting was learning about some of the customs and traditions and attempts at medical healing in the homes here. Apparently, a lot of the families will try and remedy your illnesses with things like putting egg white on your skin, or wrapping potatoes in a towel around your head. They also try and cure everything with a homemade liquor, which I assume is much like our version of moonshine.

Anywho....more to come soon. I cant wait to get into my host family's house, so you all can see what it is REALLY going to be like for the next 3 months. Leave me comments, send me updates, I miss you!!!!!!


  1. you are going to teach us the curse word now, yes? :)

    those local ~healing~ customs sound really interesting & i want to hear more about that stuff!

    also, i lurked your other videos and... morgan? what are these hot dog chips? i want to try those, they sound absolutely disgusting!! haha!!

    miss you bbgirl~


  2. "Fuck you" sounds a little like saying "A-B-C," but more like ah-bu-say. : )

    I cant wait to discover all the local healing customs!! Im sure I will discover a lot once I get into my host family's house on Friday.

    And OMG OMG OMG those hotdog chips really taste like hotdogs, and I totally bought them while thinking about you and screaming about how much we like hotdogs, lololol. miss you!!!!!

    Also....where is Audrey??!?!?!?! how is she?!!?! I lurked your LJ and didnt see her : (

  3. i still got her! she's in a plant stand right now bc i don't have a hook to hang her with (i mean... i put a cup hook in the ceiling but it didn't support her weight AT ALL lol. don't worry, she didn't fall on the floor or anything!) so i gotta go to the hardware store this weekend & figure it out.
    see? audrey :)

    i just got a fern so she has a new friend!